Cricket Wireless Customer Service Number, Email, Support

Cricket Wireless Customer Service Number, Email, Support

Cricket Wireless is a Telecommunication corporation in the United States, which offers Prepaid Wireless services. The company was established back in the year 1999 by Leap Wireless International, Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Cricket Wireless is a part of the AT&T company.

Below you can Find Cricket customer service number and their other contact information. If you need any help related to their products and services, then you can contact on the given number. In order to maintain good relationship with the customers, the company has to provide great customer support and services by phone, email, chat, etc.,

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Cricket Wireless customer service number for support -> 1-800-274-2538

(You can contact on this number for general queries, Cricket Wireless plans, complaints and more. Due to high call volumes, their customer service number might be busy. In that case, wait for some time until you get connected to Cricket Wireless customer service representative)

Cricket Wireless customer service number for bill payment by phone -> 1-800-698-0358

(For bill payments related queries you can contact on this number and tell your issues)

Cricket Wireless contact page for help ->

(Get help for your queries from the various helpful topics)

Website Address ->

(Find more information about their products, services and plans on their official website)

Cricket Wireless Social Profiles

Facebook ->

Twitter ->

Instagram ->

You can follow Cricket Wireless on their Social networks for latest updates. If the above information is not updated, then let us know by commenting below. Thank you for your support.

7 thoughts on “Cricket Wireless Customer Service Number, Email, Support”

  1. I can not remember my user name and password for my cricket online account and I don’t remember the security questions answer. I just want to create a new my cricket online account so I can start paying my bill. Is there any way you can reset it and let my start over?
    Thank you.

  2. So far my boyfriend has lost SEVEN hours of work. I called at 530 pm EST and was told 2-3 hours. I just spent yet ANOTHER 30 something minutes on the phone with your rep and he had no idea what was going on. When I mentioned compensation I was told $1.66. That’s a joke right? SEVEN HOURS OF LOST WAGES AND YOU OFFER ME THAT???
    We will be switching carriers and I hope so many others will too!

  3. I have had my second experience with Cricket Customer Care. I found it to be NOT-HELPFUL! Neither issue was addressed to any positive conclusion. I wanted to get the Name associated with my cell phone to show up as MY name. I originally was under my son’s account through the AT&T family plan. When I switched to T-Mobile, the number still showed up as his name. Cricket told me when I first got the plan they could change it to wireless caller but who wants to answer a number when we get a million political calls these days. This should be so simple. When the number goes with you, you can change the name. Give me a break – this isn’t rocket science.

  4. Hello,
    I have been a cricket customer for over a year and have always told people how great it is.
    However Sunday this all changed. I bought my family new phones. There are 5 of us and the store didn’t have the iPhone 5s in stock so I ordered them from cricket directly online, I didn’t know that doing this meant the only support I can now get is online and not in the stores. My phones came in and I called and activated three of them with no problem the other two were for my twins birthday. Saturday we have them their phones and I called and activated one with no problem. I called to activate the last one and for some reason the lady helping me put my phone number on my sons phone. When we discovered this I called back and long story short was told to put new sim from my sons phone in my phone to get my number back but the other sim was now no good. The customer service agent told me to go to the store Sunday at 12:00 and he would note on my account that cricket messed up my sim and to give us another one. When I went into store I was told first thing that I would have to pay for the new sim. Quan claimed to be the store manager said the store is not cricket that I had to go to them or pay him 10.69 for a sim. He said the store made no mistake and they weren’t even cricket. (Yes his shirt and huge sign behind counter said cricket). Quan then watched me spend the next hour on the phone with customer service. The account was noted to give me a new sim that a mistake had been made. Quan said it’s crickets mistake and he is not cricket.
    To keep from having a bad birthday I bought his new sim. The smirk on Quans face would have made you sick when I gave him my 10.69 for the new sim.
    I am looking to get my money back for the sim and to possibly get quan some customer satisfaction training.
    The store is in Monroe, ga #14171113
    My phone number is 404-539-5266
    My email is [email protected]
    Thanks Bill Matheny

  5. Cricket please email me….. I dont have phone service but I really need to email you about my account and phone….. PLEASE EMAIL ME :
    ( [email protected] ) My name is Michael Davila…..

    Thank You For Your Time & Response…..


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